Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please read this policy and tell Linden Lab what you think!!

Linden Lab announced to day that they will be dramaticly increaing the prices of Open Space sims in responce to the demand and subsequent abuse of these sims. Instead of posting their enitre new policy here, I will give you their blog link, please read it (Openspace Pricing and Policy Changes) and then post your comments to the SL Forum.

My comments to the forum are below:

How does this even begin to address the problem???

I certainly understand that there is abuse in the use of Open Space Sims, and it maddens me to see mall and club owners building out OS Sims for high use purposes. Furthermore, I have talked to numerous residents who don’t understand the difference between OS and full sims and rent them from unscrupulous estate owners who tell them they are “owning their very own sim”. But really, how does charging more for the OS sims address the problem of abuse?

Yeah, the solution may make it more difficult to for those unscrupulous estate owners to “resell” them. However, those who are using them responsible will be penalized financially while those abusing them for commercial endeavors (particularly mall and club owners) are the most likely users to afford the increase… They will continue to abuse the OS sims while responsible users will abandon them. This hardly solves the abuse problem.

There must be a better solution out there! Surely LL can see there is a demand for both Low use Sims as will as moderate use sims. Either restrict the use of OS sims by placing real use limits on the OS sims or devise a product offering and pricing structure that meets the needs of the residents. This solution just seems lazy attempt on the part of LL to curtail the obvious abuses of OS sims. But think about the solution... where does it actually stop the abuse???

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  1. Baz, you are absolutely correct. This move on the part of LL takes from the responsible OS sim owners the chance to be able to have the land they need and use it for it's correctly intended purposes. Not only will this not solve the problem, it will in fact create a larger problem when OS sims are longer able to be of use for residents and small businesses (both of which are not abusing the OS sims) that just cannot afford to pay the new rates. It's absurd they would even consider a notion such as this.

  2. Oh I think the new price will help a lot. When people pay more money, lag goes away. Oh wait, no it doesn't. Well, when people pay more money, the prims become magic prims and work better. Oh wait, no they don't. Oh, I know ... when people pay more money, then they ...ummmm ... it can ..... well .... it will make it so that .... hmmm. It will help the Linden Lab employees feel the real world recession. There! I knew there was a reason that paying more was good!