Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thanks for voting for me

First of all, I was surprised that I was the ONLY person who thought to come to a Vegas Party dressed as Elvis.. come on, hasn't anyone been to that town.. Not only does Elvis live, but he lives in Vegas. Ok, I did say that I was gunna do Elvis in and earlier blog and that no one else should do it.. but really, who reads my blog.

Anyway, I really do appreciate the votes. I appreciate the votes this week, and the votes from last week and the votes from the week before that.. but come on guys, I am starting to get the feeling that people are voting for me because of the work I do on the club set designs and not because of my costumes. I do the club designs cause I love helping out Jake and I love designing sets for theme parties. Yeah, I don't get paid for doing it, but it is certainly not good for the club if I end up winning the contest each week either. So for the time being, I am not going to enter on the contest boards... we need to vote for some of the other hot guys there and some of the other amazing costumes.

Elvis has left the building... for now.

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