Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Villa Naima

A friend took me exploring the other day and showed me a sim that is just too nice not to share! It is called Villa Naima, and although I guess there is a store there, I really didn't pay attention to the store or what was for sale. This is not the kind of sim where you want to stay inside a store while visiting.

I encourage anyone who reads this to check it out and explore.. truly amazing landscape and water effects like you have probably never seen in Second Life! As a Builder in Second Life, I truly appreciate texture and the detail on these textures and their use is well done! Bravo Villa Namia. Here is the SLURL:

Just one bit of caution, this sim runs heavy with lag. Unfortunately, this amazing work and high quality building here is done with lots of sculpted prims and is housed on an open space sim.... ugggh! Hopefully the sim will do well and can one day upgrade to a full sim so those with slower computing capabilities can also enjoy its splendor.

Villa Naima Pics

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