Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Happens in Vegas.....

Pictured: Chippendales Dancer - Trent Smirnov: Elvis - Baz Ceawlin; Vegas Show"boy"- Brady Rowell; Sexy Bicycle Card Joker - Ritch Nicholls; Chippendales Dancer - Baily Wisent

It's Vegas Baby! Or, at least it will be this Saturday.

I had a great time working with the Jake’s Boys on their weekly club poster again! Brady Rowell does custom photography for the posters each week and always does something totally original. Brady had me build the set for the photo shoot this week, so I may be a bit bias when I tell that this poster it great (‘cause I know there are a few out there that might be better) Hey, what does it really matter, it’s just the poster, right?

Wrong, just as in Real Life... visual images are such a major part of advertising in Second Life. You know, tell the proverbial 1,000 words with that single image. Brady has an amazing eye when in comes to color and composition of photographs and he had developed a signature look with some of the after effects he applies to his photos. Brady Rowell is now doing weekly poster for Jake’s club advertisements, and the majority of the work he does for these is worthy of hanging in an SL gallery. So, as part of this blog, I plan to share a weekly record of his artwork and any back story behind the photos.

Anyway, we now venture in to shameless plug portion of this blog... but how can I talk about a poster for a party and not talk about the party. That would be like telling someone about a party they aren’t invited too. I wouldn’t do that, everyone is welcome at Jakes! Plus, I expect this one to be off the charts fun!!! How could it not... It’s Vegas Baby!

What are the Vegas Party Details you ask?

Jake’s Club (temporary location)

Click here for the SLURL


9:00 SLT – Midnight

DJ Syriana Paine will be spinning her amazing tunes and taking requests

Costume Contest for Best Vegas Costume with a minimum L$1,000

(Baz clears throat... don’t be Elvis, I’m already doin’ that.. see the pic above)

And then of course, the after party… the costumes are stripped away and the fun really begins. But don’t worry… What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

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