Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have to chuckle when I look back on the dates for the missing posts for this blog... I realize that the single biggest life changing event took place for me on Halloween night, October 31st when the undeniable and inescapable chemistry between Jake and me was revealed to both of us. Since then, I have been so singularly focused on Jake, wanting to start and end my day with him and send every spare minute in between with him. I am amazed I have gotten anything else done at all (but those things are for future posts).

How did we meet?
I first met Jake on the dance floor of the old Jake’s Club on Hyacinth Island… for those of you who have been around long enough. .that is like four incarnations of the club ago. Curious to talk to talk RL shop with him after reading in his profile that we were both in similar RL industries… we chatted, talked shop and became friends. From that point on, Jake was always the friendly, welcoming club owner whose parties seemed to have a personal quality that was above the norm in SL. I made some close friendships with some of the other regulars at his club and always knew Jake as kind of a friend of a friend. Later, when Jake started dating my friend Steve and hired me to design and build the new Club, I found myself in the position to get to know Jake much better. Always a completely professional relationship on the club, and as a close and supportive friend to Steve and Jake.

How did it all change?
Still don’t know the answer to this… when I describe the chemistry between us as being revealed, that is because I believe that is exactly what happened. It was like someone took the blindfolds off all of a sudden. Just a few days before, I had been asked about a relationship developing between Jake and myself… I didn’t just deny it... I adamantly explained that it was out of the question, there had never been anything other that a truly professional and respectful interaction between us. It was later explained to me by my friend who had made the inquiry; his observation was just that… a working relationship that was so in sync and so supportive that there had to be more there. Jake and I certainly didn’t see this coming, but some of our friends did and so must have the stars because the series of events that fell into place couldn’t have timed out any better. Steve and Jake’s relationship ended, the club build was done and all that was left was for Jake and I to realize there was something there.

Now, three weeks later…
Jake is the most amazing man, and I love spending time with him and getting to know him better and better every day. We are on a path to build something very real together and it is exciting, and scary and wonderful all at the same time.

I know that I can tell this man anything. Share my deepest thoughts, dreams and desires with him. I know I can share all of myself with him and he will share all of himself with me. I am there when he needs me and know that when I need him he will hold me, press his forehead into mine and give me the support I need.

Standing by my side, I hold his hand. Staring out at the horizon, eagerly anticipating what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. I think each of you got a "good catch".. congratulations.. publicly.