Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jake’s Club and Fine Art Lounge at Fire Island (part 2)

When you visit Jake’s Club an Fine art Lounge, be sure to spend a little time looking around. There is more there than just a dance floor. click here to visit Jake's Club and Fine Arts Gallery at Fire Island

The Club

Jake's Club is the heart of the complex. A home to fantastic parties and the original Jake’s Boys, who will welcome you and make certain you have a great time. Currently parties are hosted two nights a week in the Club, the Thursday night Strip down starting at 7pm every Thursday with DJ Syriana Paine and the hottest guys in undies on the grid. Saturday's bring the hottest and most original theme parties. Again with the sexy sounds of Syri the parties start at 9pm SLT and run till Midnight.. with a strip down afterhours party continuing on 'till the wee hours of the morning.

The Gallery

Currently featuring the photography of Brady Rowell, the gallery space flanks the staircase entrance to the main club. Over time, it is planned that the gallery will feature rotating exhibits. Be sure to keep an eye out for special art exhibit openings and events showcasing the artists of Second Life.

The Atrium

Designed with the intention of adding an organic element to this modern structure, this tropical atrium also serves as an environment for romance. Beyond the grand entry fountain, tucked near the planters of palms are several couples dances and kissing poses. Club goers can sneak away from the craziness of the parties upstairs with that special someone and enjoy the indoor beauty of this space. Currently, the atrium still has several open areas between the planters; these were intentionally part of the layout as the atrium will also be a sculpture garden. Watch for upcoming installments of 3-dimentional artwork nestled among the palms. If you do meet that special someone and really love this space, it is also available to rent for weddings. IM JakeC Hotshot for further information on rental of this or any other part of the complex.

The Pool

The pool was one of the must have features in the clubs design, not only does it provide a great place for outdoor parties but it is open for guys to hang out at anytime. When you are not dancing away at one of DJ Muhu’s naked pool parties at 6pm on Sundays, relax in one of the double lounges or take a dip in the pool with you friends.

WET VIP Lounge

Not a sex club, but hey… what you do in IM is your business. If the grand romance of the Atrium isn’t what you are looking for, then the WET Lounge might just be it. Fountains of flowing water and stepping stones separate two intimate lounge areas draped in with sheer, flowing curtains. The feel of the lounge is chic, modern and intimate. Tucked in the elevated portion of the complex away from the rest of the action, the WET Lounge can me accessed be using the teleporter located in the main lobby.

The Jake’s Dance Club and Fine Arts Lounge project was designed and constructed by B&B Construction.

Who is B & B construction?

Baz Ceawlin – Principle partner, builder, designer, and consultant. Baz has a Real World background in Marketing and Graphic Design and manages the project to ensure that the client’s needs are met and exceeded.

Brutus Merriman – Partner, Builder, designer. Brutus possesses exceptional math and geometry skills. He manages the accuracy of builds with precision and masterful building techniques.

The mission was to create an all inclusive environment. Build with a modern look with lots of glass and concrete. Elements that will allow the guests and members of Jake’s to find a place they can hang out at, not just come to the scheduled dances. In addition to the dance club, you will find a lush atrium and sculpture garden, an art gallery, a relaxing pool area and a sexy upstairs VIP room.

The B&B Construction team hopes you enjoy your experience here at Jake’s.

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