Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you consider your second friends as real life friends? Do you allow them to become a part of your real life?

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The vast majority of my Second Life friends are mere acquaintances. I have several I consider to be good friends in Second Life and in time they may become real life friends as well. I only have a select few friends in Second Life that I consider to be real friends and I have no trouble exchanging personal information with them. A couple I have met in real life already and I think of them as friends regardless of which world we are meeting up in.

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  1. I have as yet only meet one SL friend in RL.. My SL Partner. It would be lots of fun to meet some of the rest of them I think. Like Baz.. I too vividly think of quite a few people as real as if I saw them in person every week. At times some are more "real" than people I've known since high school.