Monday, December 29, 2008

What do you enjoy the most about second life?

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There are three distinct aspects about Second Live that I like very much. First and foremost are the people. I find it amazing if not outright addicting to be able to turn on my computer and have a group of people that I feel deeply about and have a genuine need to interact with. When I am not online, I wonder what they are up to, and I can’t wait to get online and share what I am doing with them or just hang out and enjoy their company. The second aspect of Second Life that I enjoy is the creativity. The culture of Second Life is one that values creativity and I have found that I experience a tremendous amount of pleasure expressing my creativity in this environment. The third aspect of second life that I enjoy is what brought me here in the first place... the business. Not only do I like seeing in world merchants do a great job of marketing themselves, I really get excited to see real world businesses using Second Life. What I have found is that the there are two very distinct aspects of Second Life, what I will call the social side of second life where residents actually “live” in this virtual space, and the business side where companies use this technology for real world applications (be it meeting space, virtual demonstrations, modeling and testing of products, etc.) This business side can be hard to see if you are living in the social arena of Second Life, but it makes up a vast part of the actual Second Life landscape and is exciting to me when I come across it.

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    Baz.. I need to hang out with you more.. I came into SL to check out the RL Business aspects of SL.. the marketing, product demonstration & development uses, etc.. Somehow I stumbled accros the social side and.. well.. you see where I am now.

    Would be great to see a bit more of what I came in here for..