Monday, December 29, 2008

What made you decide to start second life?

(Question 1 fo 10)

I read an article about it a Southwest Airlines in flight magazine which talked about the fact that businesses were starting to look at Second Life as a way to market themselves. I viewed what I was reading as a sort of new media that I wanted to be familiar with, so I created an account and began wandering SL to try to learn everything I could about it. When I first arrived, I tried to remain anonymous and jsut observe. I didn’t want to join groups or talk to people. One thing I learned very quickly is that Second Life is a social environment and I was not able to simply observe. Most communication in Second Life is based on social networks, I had to begin meeting people and joining groups to find out information on what was happening in world.

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  1. "ditto" Though I came across it on a blog.. the story is identical.