Monday, December 29, 2008

There is no real guarantee that second life will last forever. How would effect your second life relationships and what would you do?

(Question 9 of 10)

Well, I would like to think that if Second Life were to come to and end, there would be enough time to go through my contact list and figure out who I would like to stay in touch with. However, if Second Life were to abruptly end tomorrow, I am comforted in knowing that at the very least, I have the email addresses of my closest friends and would not lose contact with them. Maybe we would be able to continue meeting up in some other virtual world if not in real life.

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  1. Unfortunately I only have the email addresses of a few.. I give mine out freely to those friends that ask.. and it is included on my less visited blog (jcgonewild).. so i'm sure people could find me if they wanted.

    I don't usually ask people for their email addy unless i have a specific reason to.. I let people offer it instead.. I never want someone to feel backed into a corner and don't thrust my friendship on anyone.

    But I do welcome it when people wish to be my friend. In world or out.